If it‘s not on the page, it’s not on the stage

That Broadway maxim requires everyone on stage (and many more behind the stage) to hit their marks, night after night, delivering a great show to the audience that expects nothing less.

Isn’t that what you want for your company, product, service or philanthropic effort? You want everyone on your team to know their roles and responsibilities in pursuit of the mission. Valuable time and resources should be spent delivering a great experience for your audience.

Get Team Go helps leaders and teams tell their story to the world. We’ll review your marketing and communications to keep what’s working — and fix what’s not. Get Team Go has helped leaders and teams in sectors including telecommunications, transportation, energy, investment consulting services and charitable outreach. With years of experience working collaboratively and quickly to serve clients, we know how to seize opportunities and make every penny count.

Ready to Get Team Go? Contact Stephen Keating at sk@getteamgo.com or 303-667-1677. He will identify your top priorities and work as a consultant and strategist to help you and your team execute the plan for as long as needed. See below some of the services provided and read reviews from clients.

Compelling content starts with a story. What’s yours? With years of multimedia storytelling expertise, Get Team Go can help your business define, create and deploy compelling content.

Community engagement serves the greater good, creates leadership opportunities, enhances retention and recruitment, builds the brand of your business and uncovers public relations opportunities.

Get Team Go can provide a range of graphic design services for your business, including infographics, illustrations, maps, logos, e-book design, data visualization and computer animation.

Get Team Go can create a marketing plan to build your company for the long term. Specialties include research and writing, as well as collaborative creation of effective sales and marketing collateral.

From event coverage to portraits, from custom prints to online galleries, Get Team Go affiliates provide professional photography services to present your business and personnel in the right light.

With compelling social media content, Get Team Go can ramp up the online visibility of your business.

From web-based video to broadcast-quality commercials, Get Team Go affiliates have the resources, professional equipment, crew and editing capabilities to show the world what you do.

What should your website accomplish in the marketplace? Get Team Go can provide the answers with custom design and development.